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Rigaku Announces Narcotics Interdiction Partnership Program to Help Reduce Deaths by Overdose

Rigaku will partner with overdose prevention centers to fight the opioid epidemic

ResQ CQL Analyzing BaggieWilmington, MA (May 10, 2022) – In conjunction with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)’s declaration of National Fentanyl Awareness Day, Rigaku Analytical Devices, a U.S.-based pioneer of handheld 1064 nm-Raman based spectrometers, is pleased to announce its new Human Infrastructure Health & Awareness (HIHA) Technology Narcotics Identification Partnership Program. This HIHA Program was developed to assist government health and social administration departments, and law enforcement agencies, in their efforts to reduce the increasing rates of unintentional drug overdoses and fatalities, related to opioid addiction and fentanyl poisoning.

As many communities consider the decriminalization of illicit drugs, and thus an increase in drug use, harm reduction programs that include overdose prevention centers (OPCs) are being funded as a means to help prevent fatal overdoses. OPCs provide a place for users to consume drugs using sterile equipment with access to health care professionals who administer first aid if needed, monitor for overdose, and provide referrals to drug treatment.

The goal of the Rigaku HIHA Program is to provide analytical technology to OPCs in order to screen the drug supplies being brought into the facility for hazardous chemicals, such as fentanyl, as well as provide an identification for the substance.

The Rigaku portfolio of 1064 nm-Raman based analyzers provide non-destructive analysis of unknown substances through packaging in less than one minute with the press of a button. The Rigaku ResQ CQL handheld analyzer contains a library with the latest illicit drugs, cutting agents, precursors, and hazardous chemicals - such as the various fentanyl compounds, as well as the ability to detect non-visible amounts with its use of QuickDetect Mode.

Designed for use in high stress environments, the Rigaku ResQ CQL uses a tactile platform, with smartphone-inspired software that can be operated via touchscreen or buttons. With thousands of analyzers in use around the world by the military, border protection, law enforcement, as well as first responders – the Rigaku portfolio of handheld Raman analyzers have the ability to identify dirty or mixed substances, even through packaging.

“It’s time for a new, humanitarian, and progressive approach to saving lives from preventable drug overdoses ,” said Michael Brown, Global Business Development Manager for Narcotics Interdiction Programs at Rigaku Analytical Devices. “Rigaku’s analyzers have the ability to provide frontline health responders with the ability to prevent a drug overdose before it happens.”

Rigaku’s HIHA Partnership Program provides a ResQ CQL with QuickDetect analyzer for an evaluation period, as well as training.

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