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XtaLAB mini II
  • Easily accessible chemical crystallography when you need it, due to compact, simplified design and easy to run software.
  • Perfect teaching instrument for chemical crystallography since students can easily be trained and trusted to run the instrument.
  • Highest level of user safety with electromechanical safety circuits built into the compact radiation enclosure. It is impossible to open the enclosure when the X-ray shutter is open.
  • Easily maintained instrument utilizing widely available standard X-ray tubes.
  • Automatically solve structures and determine what your sample is in a few minutes before committing to a full dataset by using the “What is this?” feature and the optional software package, AutoChem.

Benchtop Single Crystal X-ray Diffractometer

Single crystal X-ray diffraction on your benchtop

Single crystal X-ray diffraction on your benchtop

The perfect addition to any synthetic chemistry laboratory, the XtaLAB mini II single crystal X-ray diffractometer will enhance research productivity by offering affordable structure analysis capability without the necessity of relying on a departmental facility. With the XtaLAB mini II benchtop diffractometer, you no longer have to wait in line to determine your structures. Instead your research group can rapidly analyze new compounds as they are synthesized in the lab without having to queue up in the departmental core facility.

Teach single crystal X-ray diffraction through hands-on experience

In many universities, the departmental single crystal X-ray diffractometer is considered off limits to students because of fear the instrument might be damaged by inexperienced users. The XtaLAB mini II benchtop diffractometer provides the opportunity for students to learn single crystal X-ray analysis by actually using a fully functional diffractometer. This is not a black box instrument. Rather, performing the important steps of mounting a crystal on the goniometer and physically centering the crystal in the position of the X-ray beam ensures that students learn the importance of mounting techniques and crystal selection. The simple design of the XtaLAB mini II X-ray diffractometer minimizes the possibility of students misaligning or damaging the system.

Compact size with excellent X-ray data quality

The Rigaku XtaLAB mini II is a research-grade chemical crystallography diffractometer that sits on the benchtop. No data quality compromises. Results delivered are unambiguous. X-ray source tube lifetime is extended by running a standard off-the-shelf X-ray tube at 600 W. To compensate for running at a lower power, a SHINE optic (special curved monochromator) is utilized to produce usable X-ray flux comparable to a standard X-ray diffractometer. In addition, the XtaLAB mini II is equipped with a state-of-the-art two-dimensional semiconductor detector that is characterized by extremely low background noise and high sensitivity. These detector characteristics mean that, for weakly diffracting samples, longer scan rates can be employed without the weak diffraction signals being swamped by detector noise.

Dedicated to producing publication quality single crystal X-ray structures

The chief design requirement when creating the XtaLAB mini II single crystal X-ray diffractometer was that the structures produced would be publishable in the most demanding scientific journals. The HPC X-ray detector is positioned so that the maximum 2θ value is well outside of the Acta Cryst. requirements. The software provides all the tools you need to generate publication quality data that can be used to determine 3D structures from a variety of structure analysis packages.

CrysAlisPro v40 single crystal X-ray diffraction software

The XtaLAB mini II comes complete with CrysAlisPro, our user-inspired data collection and data processing software for single crystal analysis. Designed around an easy-to-use graphical user interface, CrysAlisPro can be operated under fully automatic, semi-automatic or manual control. CrysAlisPro combines automated crystal screening, the fastest and most accurate strategy software available, concurrent data reduction and automatic small molecule structure solution. Visual feedback is provided for each step with clear, color-coded guidance so that both novices and experts can collect high-quality data in the shortest time possible.

AutoChem: Automated single crystal structure determination software (optional)

AutoChem is an optional software package for the XtaLAB mini II and is the ultimate productivity tool for chemical crystallographers, offering fast, fully automatic X-ray structure solution and refinement during data collection. Developed in collaboration with OlexSys Ltd (Durham University, UK), AutoChem works in conjunction with Olex² where more advanced structure solution and refinement functionality exists. AutoChem is seamlessly integrated within CrysAlisPro and forms an integral part of our ‘What is this?’ feature. The ‘What is this?’ feature gives you structures quickly and ensures you are not wasting time collecting full datasets on known samples or starting materials. It is an alternative pre-experiment option, which is used to plan your full data collections.

Specifications and features
Product name XtaLAB mini II
Core attributes Benchtop single crystal X-ray diffractometer with advanced X-ray detector.
Detector HyPix-Bantam two-dimensional semiconductor X-ray detector with an active area of approximately 3000 mm² and a small pixel size of 100 μm x 100 μm.
X-ray Source Standard sealed tube X-ray source running at 600 W coupled to a special curved monochromator to produce usable X-ray flux comparable to a standard X-ray diffractometer. 
Goniometer Rugged two-axis goniometer with fixed detector.
Accessories Oxford Cryostream 800, Oxford Smartstream
Computer External PC, MS Windows® OS
Core dimensions 560 (W) x 674 (H) x 395 (D) (mm)
Mass  100 (core unit) (kg)
Power requirements 1Ø, 100-240 V 50/60 Hz

Video for XtaLAB mini II diffractometer

Options and Accessories

The following accessories are available for this product
Oxford Cryostream 800

The 800 Series Cryostream is the most robust, efficient and user-friendly liquid nitrogen based low temperature system available today. Specific features include a superior laminar flow system, meaning virtually zero risk of icing, extremely quiet running and a fast-start system resulting in a cool-down time to 100K of just 20 minutes.

Application Notes

The following application notes are relevant to this product

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