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Revolutionizing the Scrap Metal Industry with Handheld LIBS

Scrap Metal SortingThe metal recycling industry has always relied on speed and accuracy in sorting metals. Profitability is directly tied to efficiency, so it is crucial to have the proper tools for alloy identification. Inaccurate scrap metal identification, along with fluctuating metals prices, means precise sorting is more important than ever!

As the metal sorting industry changes and margin become razor thin, it becomes necessary to find new ways to increase efficiency and maximize the value of each and every load received. Scrap metal sorting with a rugged handheld tool that is easy to use in the yard is key to maximizing profits. Traditional handheld metal identification analyzers using X-ray fluorescence (XRF) are inherently fragile, leave you with unexpected downtime and fail to provide rapid identification of all the light elements found in metal alloys.


Rugged Scrap Metal Sorting

The Rigaku KT-100S handheld LIBS analyzer has drastically changed the way scrap metal is sorted by streamlining the process. The KT-100S utilizes LIBS technology, which means it laser based. This eliminates X-ray radiation safety concerns, and thus regulatory licensing. What’s more, the KT-100S has undergone military-spec testing and is certified rugged. This means no expensive repair bills or wasted downtime if the unit is accidentally dropped. Read more about LIBS vs. XRF: What does the cost of ownership look like?

Easy Scrap Metal Sorting

Scrap Metal Sorting

The KT-100S handheld LIBS analyzer removes any guesswork by the user. The library contains ~300 of the most common alloy types with the ability to easily add more. With the pull of the trigger, users will receive a quantitative analysis and alloy grade match / no match typically within 2 seconds. No guesswork. Each and every grade is analyzed in the same amount of time! When sorting multiple containers each day, this adds up!


Expanded Scrap Metal Sorting

Rigaku KT-100SUsing the latest trend in handheld analytical technology, the KT-100S LIBS can rapidly quantify and sort metal grades you didn’t think possible:

  • Rapidly quantify <0.02% Mg and ort all your low magnesium aluminum alloys like 1100, 6061, 6063 Al grades
  • Precisely and accurately measure nickel in all your stainless steel scrap
  • Identify and sort lithium containing 2XXX Series Alloys
  • Quantify beryllium in all your Be-Cu alloys

The Rigaku KT-100S handheld LIBS analyzer offers unique benefits to scrap metal sorting: