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Custom Optics
  • High resolution
  • X-ray microscopy
  • X-ray microtomography
  • X-ray optics metrology
  • Synchrotron applications
  • Phase contrast X-ray imaging

Custom Confocal Max-Flux focusing optics for beamline applications

Custom designed optics for end-station beam focusing and conditioning

Custom optics

A family of optics for many applications

Rigaku's family of Confocal Max-Flux® (CMF) optics offers the best performance of any two dimensional beam conditioning optics available today. CMF Optics are considered by many to be one of the most significant recent advances in x-ray optic design. We have the ability to make custom designs using the double bounce optical configuration.

Extensive capability and experience

Rigaku-Osmic has been making optics for the sychroton community for many years and our large format coating system gives us the unique ability make long mirrors with complex graded multilayer structures.

Focusing and collimating multilayer optics

We can design special end station optics that will deliver the best beam structure and energy resolution for your specific experimental needs. The CMF type optic would be a good candidate for a need to bring a finer focus to your specimens.

Product name Custom optics
Technique For X-ray diffraction and related instrumentation
Benefit Unique ability make long mirrors with complex graded multilayer structures.
Technology Confocal Max-Flux focusing optics
Core attributes Variety of applications
Core options Custom designed
Computer N/A
Core dimensions Varies with configuration
Mass (core unit) Varies with configuration
Power requirements N/A