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Max-Flux XRD
  • Easy Alignment
  • Increased Cu Kα, especially when using a channel cut monochromator
  • Greatly decreased background and Cu Kβ
  • Symmetric and Homogeneous beams
  • Improved data collection
  • Available for Cu, Mo, Co, Ag, Au, Cr and other X-ray energies

Parallel beam graded multilayer X-ray monochromator

Maximizes intensity for parallel X-ray beam and high resolution diffraction

Max-Flux diffraction optic

Introduced by Rigaku Innovative Technologies in the early 1990’s, graded multilayer monochromators provide increased intensity for High-Resolution diffraction, Thin Film analysis and other 1-dimensional parallel beam XRD applications.

Max-Flux® Optics use graded multilayers, assuring the same X-ray energy diffracts from every point along the surface of the Parabolic optic. Rigaku’s Osmic® Coating technology provides results in less than 0.5% d-spacing variation. Such high precision means more flux is available for your experiment.

Optical precision is also critical to good performance. Using proprietary technology, standard Max-Flux optics are made within ~10 arcsec of the ideal curve. When the best performance is required, Rigaku applies new Arc)Sec® technology to achieve optical precision of ≤ 4 arcsec! As a 1-dimensional optic, divergence in the axial plane can be controlled through use of a Soller collimator.

Contact Rigaku for a suitable collimator for your application. Rigaku provides excellent housings for aligning Max-Flux optics on your instrument. Housing are available for operation in atmosphere or vacuum, for 40mm, 60mm, 80mm, 100mm and 120mm long optics.

Product name Max-Flux XRD optic
Technique For X-ray diffraction, High-Resolution diffraction, Thin Film analysis
Benefit Symmetric and Homogeneous beams
Technology Multilayer high-precision optics
Core attributes Excellent Kα/Kβ ratio
Core options Various lengths available
Computer N/A
Core dimensions Varies with configuration
Mass (core unit) Varies with configuration
Power requirements N/A