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New Handheld 1064 nm Raman Analyzer

Maximize Chemical Threat Analysis Response

The Rigaku CQL Max-ID handheld 1064 nm Raman analyzer offers features and benefits that maximize chemical threat analysis in safety and security applications.  With an on-board library of over 13,000 items, the CQL Max-ID provides first responders, border security, and the military with a device that can identify narcotics, explosives, toxic chemical industrial chemicals, chemical warfare agents (CWAs), and more - without the concerns of fluorescence interference. 

How can the CQL Max-ID provide situational chemical analysis needs?

  • Identification of an unknown
  • Priority listing of a substance (utilization of ThreatAlert hazard targeting)
  • Detection of an unknown (with optional QuickDetect) 

Part of the U.S. DoD JPEO DR SKO Program

Built upon the updated CQL platform that has been accepted as part of the U.S. DoD JPEO DR SKO System Modernization Program, the CQL Max-ID joins the existing CQL portfolio.

Part of the U.S. DoD JPEO DR SKO Program




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