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  • Micro-spot X-ray beams and pattern recognition
  • High-throughput, product-wafer measurements
  • Wide range of materials and applications
  • High resolution and precision covering thicknesses from Ångstroms to microns
  • For 200 mm and 300 mm wafers
  • Available with 300 mm factory automation
  • Design based on SEMI S2 and SEMI S8

Process XRR, XRF, and XRD metrology FAB tool

Thickness, density, roughness & composition of films on blanket and patterned wafers

The Rigaku MFM310 performs high-precision measurements not possible by optical or ultrasonic techniques. This sophisticated X-ray metrology tool makes it practical to perform high-throughput measurements on product and blanket wafers ranging from ultrathin single-layer films to multilayer stacks.

Designed for high-volume manufacturing

The MFM310 is designed with high-volume 200 mm and 300 mm manufacturing in mind: high-throughput thickness measurement by XRR and XRF, low-contamination wafer handling and pattern recognition-based position control for product wafer measurements, CE Marking and S2/S8 Compliance for semiconductor production clean room operation, compliance with GEM-300/HSMS and factory automation standards, high-reliability machine performance and low power consumption and cost of ownership.

COLORS™ enabling technology

COLORS™ X-ray optics were developed by Rigaku for the MFM310 to enable measurements from small areas. COLORS beam modules couple a variety of XRF excitation sources with optics and are optimized to provide high brightness in small spots for a variety of thin film applications. With its own x-ray optics business, Rigaku is well-positioned develop and manufacture X-ray sources for current and future market needs.

Product name MFM310
Technique X-ray reflectivity, fluorescence and diffraction
Benefit Measure ultra-thin single-layer films to multi-layer stacks
Technology Process micro-spot XRR, XRF, XRD with 2 FOUP load ports
Core attributes CE marked, S2 / S8 / GEM-300 / HSMS compliance
Core options Available with 300 mm factory automation
Computer Internal PC, MS Windows® OS
Core dimensions 1400 (W) x 2050 (H) x 3410 (D) mm
Mass  n/a (core unit)
Power requirements 3Ø, 208 VAC 50/60 Hz, 2.5 kW

MFM310 video