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MiniFlex XpC
  • The world’s smallest footprint for an online diffractometer
  • 100% compatible with sample holders of major online system vendors
  • Able to connect with a sample-loading robot
  • Utilizes newly developed, compact 800 W generator and compact X-ray tube
  • High-resolution, high-speed 1D detector with a wide detection area
  • θ-θ sample horizontal goniometer
  • EasyX software
    • Touch panel operation
    • Runs within 3 taps from measurement to data analysis
    • Based on SmartLab Studio II
    • Languages: Japanese, English, Chinese

Rigaku provides X-ray diffractometers for quality control developed using the X-ray diffractometer technology cultivated for research and development over many years. It is easy for anyone to use and stable analysis results can be obtained regardless of the operator, so there is no difference in the results between operators. Work efficiency can be improved using the sample loading mechanism and D/teX Ultra250 detector.


Compact X-ray Diffractometer

Advanced quality control system

In a move to bring lab-quality performance to the manufacturing floor, Rigaku introduces the MiniFlex XpC, a manufacturing-optimized powder diffractometer for fast and accurate quality control measurements. It is extremely easy to operate using Rigaku’s new EasyX quality control software, which requires minimal clicks to run. A minimal interface means there will be no accidental error variance from operator to operator. The MiniFlex XpC can be configured with a conveyor belt or robot for automated sample processing and collaboration with other instruments. With an 800 W X-ray source and a short-diameter goniometer, the system has the performance of a lab unit, and thus can greatly improve throughput for quality control measurements.

New sample loading mechanism

The optimal loading mechanism for quality control allows the operator to easily place the sample without opening the instrument door. This system also supports online measurement using a transfer robot. Workers can easily place samples not only online but also offline. A newly designed sample spinner can be used with a variety of sample holders.

Highly durable and highly accurate horizontal goniometer suitable for quality control

Using the technology cultivated with SmartLab, we have developed a new, durable, compact horizontal sample goniometer that is optimal for quality control.

New, compact, high-output X-ray generator

The MiniFlex XpC features a compact molded ceramic X-ray tube. The generator for the X-ray source has also been improved, enabling a high output of 800 W while being almost the same size as the 600 W generator of the MiniFlex desktop X-ray diffractometer.

High-resolution, high-speed one-dimensional detector boasting a wide detection area

The D/teX Ultra250 has a detection area 1.5 times larger than the D/teX Ultra2 used in the desktop MiniFlex, achieving higher-intensity measurement data. Therefore, measurement time can be reduced.

EasyX software for screening and quality control

Simple measurement, automatic analysis, display of results and pass/fail judgment are possible with this software, so even those who are unfamiliar with analysis can use it with confidence. In addition, the trend graph creation function makes it possible to visualize the results and tangible changes in the device status.

Automation support

The MiniFlex XpC can be connected to automation equipment by combining with a robot arm or a conveyor belt (both optional). Industry standard sample holders (steel rings) are supported as standard. This apparatus achieves the world’s smallest footprint for an online diffractometer (approx. 1 m²).

Product name MiniFlex XpC
Technique X-ray diffraction (XRD)
Application benefit Compact X-ray diffractometer for quality control
Technology θ-θ X-ray diffractometer equipped with screening / quality control software EasyX
Core attributes Compact X-ray tube
Compact sample horizontal goniometer
D/teX Ultra250 high-resolution, high-speed 1D X-ray detector
Computer Widows® 10 Pro 64bit
Touch panel display
(Can be combined with external PC)
Core dimensions 700 (W) x 1490 (H) x 890 (D) mm (core unit)
Mass Approx. 250 kg (core unit)
Power requirements 1φ, 200-230 V 50/60 Hz, 6.5A

MiniFlex XpC video

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