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Non-destructive testing (NDT)

Non-destructive testing (NDT)

Inspect for internal defects, abnormalities, shape and structure

Non-destructive testing is a testing procedure used to easily inspect an object for internal defects, abnormalities, shape, pore, and structure, etc. without destroying it. Typical candidates for NDT include welding, casting, buildings, railways, aircraft, bridges, concrete underground pipelines and various types of factory equipment. Rigaku offers X-ray radiography testing (RT) equipment in NDT inspections based on various kinds of portable industrial X-ray generators.

Computed radiography (CR) for industrial use replaces films with imaging plates, which results in short exposure times, simple operation, no chemical waste and easy image handling on personal computers. Industrial CT scanning is utilized in many areas of industry for internal inspection of components. Some of the key uses for CT scanning have been flaw detection, failure analysis, metrology, assembly analysis, image-based finite element methods and reverse engineering applications. CT scanning is also employed in the imaging and conservation of museum artifacts.

Real-time radiography (RTR) to inspect PCB, electronic parts and etc are also available from Rigaku NDT products. Foreign object X-ray inspection Instrument can be applied for the inspections of metallic foreign objects in shoes, apparel products, bags, and general merchandise.

Periodic routine inspection using NDT methods helps increase the longevity and reliability of these and many other types of equipment through the early detection of flaws or defects. Rigaku offers X-ray NDT instruments that bring to bear more than a half-century of experience in the field. These highly reliable instruments, combined with Rigaku's specialized knowledge in the technique, will fulfill the needs of our customers in a wide range of applications.

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