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  • Completely automated sample mounting, centering and data collection
  • Integrated sample ranking and data collection strategy algorithms.
  • Choice of dewar base plates for use with either ACTOR, ALS, Uni-Puck sample holders. (Tools and magazines for ALS and Uni-Puck must be purchased separately.)
  • Storage capacity up to 240 samples: 3 Dewars with 80 sample capacity per dewar for ALS and UniPuck (Alternatively, 3 dewars with 60 sample capacity per dewar for ACTOR pucks or 3 dewars with 40 sample capacity per dewar for ESRF magazines)

Automated crystal transport orientation and retrieval robot

Automatic sample mounting, single crystal X-ray screening and data collection


ACTOR™ is a proven commercial solution for automating routine crystal screening and data collection at both synchrotron beam lines and home laboratories. Compatible with almost any goniometer and detector combination, the ACTOR eliminates much of the physical handling of samples required during crystal screening and data collection.

Rapid automatic crystal screening

ACTOR allows you to screen up to 30 samples per hour. Adding automation to your structure solution pipeline also complements the high throughput needed for fragment based screening projects and structural genomics programs. ACTOR enables you to quickly screen many crystals for optimal diffraction qualities and cryo-conditions and includes ranking software to assist you in comparing samples and finding the best crystals for data collection.

Shorten the crystallization to structure pipeline

ACTOR allows you to effectively shorten the time gap between crystallization and structure solution. ACTOR was the first commercial automated crystal mounting robot and won the 2002 R&D 100 Award for technical innovation. Today over 60 ACTOR robots are in operation in home labs and at beamlines around the world. ACTOR can increase the number and quality of your diffraction experiments, ensuring your success in increasingly competitive funding and IP environments.

Product name ACTOR
Technique Automated crystal transport orientation and retrieval robot
Benefit Automatic sample mounting, single crystal X-ray screening and data collection 
Technology High throughput single crystal X-ray diffraction
Core attributes Automatic robot handling  
Core options Additional Dewars, RFID or Barcode sample tracking,
Computer External PC, MS Windows® OS, JDirector Software
Core dimensions Varies with configuration
Mass Varies with configuration
Power requirements Varies with configuration