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XRF training (USA)

X-ray fluorescence software and applications training

Course Outline

  • Principles and theory of XRF spectrometry
    • X-ray excitation and fundamental properties
    • XRF spectral characteristics
    • Basics on absorption and enhancement effects
    • Excitation, diffraction, detection, pulse height discrimination
    • Spectrometer components, functions, and features
  • Instrument operation and maintenance
    • Routine inspection
    • Spectrometer status tools
    • Safety
    • Guidance from Rigaku's maintenance team
    • Hands-on instrument demonstration
    • Q&A
  • Sample preparation techniques
    • Lab demonstration
    • Common errors
  • Qualitative analysis methods
    • Application templates and parameters
    • Qualitative measuring conditions
    • Data collection strategies
  • Semi-quantitative calculation methods
    • Qualitative data handling tools
    • Approaches to refining SQX results
  • Quantitative analysis methods
    • Application development techniques
    • Measurement optimization for emission lines
    • Calibration methods
    • Overlap and matrix corrections
    • Drift and check samples
  • Selected advanced topics for applications development and ZSX software tools
    • Analysis strategies for additional materials
    • Advanced features and methods

Hands-on Rigaku ZSX software practice throughout the course

  • Learn with preloaded applications
  • Develop/troubleshoot applications
  • Data processing practice
  • Utilities and additional features

Please contact at 281-362-2300, ext. 260 to schedule your XRF training today or use our Online reservation request form.

COVID-19 Update: We are continuing our efforts to remain open while maintaining all employees and customers as safe as possible by following the CDC’s health guidelines.  Therefore, all classes are currently being held virtually through Zoom.

Note: If you are looking for training on the NEX line of EDXRF analyzers, please contact Scott Fess