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Webinar: Preparation and Characterization of Battery Materials

Preparation and Characterization of Battery Materials

Whether in quality control or research projects: Retsch mills and Rigaku devices are used throughout the value chain of batteries. In this joint webinar, Retsch and Rigaku present 

  • how to optimally prepare the sample for analysis 
  • how to analyze the physical and chemical composition of battery materials and the complete battery.

With numerous application examples - from the raw material to the recycling stage - we provide an overview of best practices in sample pulverization as well as XRD, XRF and CT analyses.

Battery infographicTopics

  1. Application examples for 
    • XRD       of NCM and graphite
    • XRF       of NCM
    • SAXS     of graphite
    • CT         of battery
    • Milling of raw material, electrodes and recycling fractions
    • Sieving of battery material
    • Assisting steps e.g. pellet pressing and sample division
  2. Live Demonstration of XRD measurements including sample preparation.
  3. Question and answer session after the presentation.



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Dr. Maciej Grzywa and Dr. Lena Weigold


Dr. Lena Weigold is a product manager at Retsch and will guide you through different application examples of crushing and sieving battery material. She will be available for questions after the webinar.

Retsch offers solutions for milling, mixing and sieving of battery materials in terms of sample preparation for material quality control or R&D lab scale production. 

Lena Weigold
Dr. Maciej Grzywa is Application Scientist at Rigaku Europe SE and will show various examples of the application of XRD, XRF, CT methods for battery characterization. He will be available for questions after the webinar.

Rigaku offers solutions for comprehensive analysis of batteries, starting from raw materials up to fully characterization of batteries including charge/discharge processes.

  Maciej Grzywa