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Rigaku Webinars

Transforming workflows with handheld Raman

Join us in an interactive roundtable discussion with real-world pharmaceutical industry professionals. We will discuss how handheld Raman has transformed workflows and maximized quality insight in their organization. Panelists will review some of their own real-world challenges and successes in the implementation of handheld 1064nm-based Raman instrumentation.
Date/time (CDT)
Jill Carreiro, Joseph Stoltz III, Suzanne Schreyer, Michelle O’Connor, Mark Levine

Best Operating Practices for XRF users including the importance of sample preparation

Quality Control in industry is imperative, this webinar will highlight the XRF best operating practices that will ensure the daily monitoring and compliance of quality control data. The fundamentals to stable, reproducible analytical results from your XRF spectrometer is not only a stable, working spectrometer, but also a stable, reproducible sample preparation that is appropriate for the material being measured. During this 90-minute complimentary webinar, specialists from Retsch and Rigaku will present the background to sampling and sample  preparation
Date/time (CDT)
Date/Time (CDT) - Session 2
Carmen Kaiser Brügmann
Dr Tanja Butt (Retsch)