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TOPIQ: CrysAlis Pro 40: 64-bit, Synergy, HyPix-Arc 150°, AutoChem4.0, Ewald 3D

TOPIQ: CrysAlis Pro 40: 64-bit, Synergy, HyPix-Arc 150°, AutoChem4.0, Ewald 3D

The new version of CrysAlisᴾʳᵒ (CAP40) was released to the general public in May 2019. For the first time it is available in a 32/64-bit version.

CAP40 also supports all variants of XtaLAB Synergy instrument platforms alongside with a large set of attachments and their proper handling in collision and operation. XtalCheck-S is an in-situ plate checker, that allows automated sample screening using crystallization plates.

The HyPixArc 150 is a new generation of Hybrid Pixel Counters that surrounds the sample in a curve-like fashion giving a massive >150° opening angle. This allows a much more rapid acquisition of complete and redundant data for excellent data quality over much large flat detector arrangements.

CAP40 also features the new version AutoChem4.0. All instrument users can perform standard crystal reference experiments with it to bench mark their systems easily.

The Ewald3D tool is further expanded. Users can now use various modes of symmetry expansion to produce more intuitive and meaningful views. During the experiments the patented Ewald3D ‘live view’ allows instant undistorted visualization of the measured data, which is useful for rapid detection of experimental artifacts.

The new 64-bit version features multi-core support of up to 32 cores. The data reduction output now also covers the popular CC1/2 and other statistic indicators.

The external format compatibility was further expanded and with the 64-bit can now handle very demanding synchrotron cases.

A recording of this webinar is available at the Rigaku X-ray Forum.

Dr. Mathias Meyer