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TOPIQ | Data Integrity within Material Analysis with the Rigaku Progeny 1064 nm Raman Analyzer

The pharmaceutical industry is governed by the philosophy, “If it isn’t written down, it didn’t happen.” Be it the traditional lab notebook, or an advanced spectrometer connected wirelessly to LIMS, everything is recorded. Today’s pharmaceutical professional, whether in a research or quality-focused role, must remain consistently diligent at all times in their creation, transfer, and maintenance of data.

The labyrinth of regulatory agencies and the dictates they lay out for the industry can be exceptionally challenging to navigate. From the U.S. FDA and the multiple global Pharmacopoeia around the world, to ALCOA principles and 21CFRPart 11 compliance, it’s a never-ending and ever-changing scope.

Join us in this webinar for a quick map of the 2020 global regulatory terrain! We will take a look at the general impact of the varied and ever-changing regulatory landscape and how Progeny 1064nm handheld Raman can fit in.

Jill Carreiro