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Transforming workflows with handheld Raman

Transforming workflows with handheld Raman

Join us in an interactive roundtable discussion with real-world pharmaceutical industry professionals. We will discuss how handheld Raman has transformed workflows and maximized quality insight in their organization. Panelists will review some of their own real-world challenges and successes in the implementation of handheld 1064nm-based Raman instrumentation.

Rigaku-branded masks will be awarded to the first 100 people who register!

In this roundtable you’ll learn:

• Challenges faced by pharmaceutical quality teams in their material analysis workflows, and real-world solutions

• How leading pharmaceutical manufacturers have adapted their quality processes to include handheld Raman

• What areas within their workflow leading manufacturers use handheld Raman

Who should attend:

• Quality Control & Assurance (Managers and Scientists)

• Manufacturing Chemists

• Validation Engineers

• Biopharmaceutical Scientists, Metrology

Jill Carreiro, Joseph Stoltz III, Suzanne Schreyer, Michelle O’Connor, Mark Levine