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Thermal Analysis Webinar: Let's evaluate materials with STA

This webinar is a beginner's course. The presentation will focus on the basic principles of thermogravimetry, TG and differential thermal analysis, DTA. Different types of thermobalances and the advantage of a horizontal differential TG type. It will also include the important factors and precautionary measured when performing STA measurements.

Jing Sun(Rigaku Corporation)


Thursday, October 26, 2023 15:00 in Japan Standard Time(JST)   
A lecture is 30 minutes (15:00~)   
A question and answer is 15 minutes (15:30~)   
13:00 ~ (WIB) Indonesian Western Standard Time   
14:00 ~ (WITA) Indonesian Central Standard Time   
15:00 ~ (WIT) Indonesian Eastern Standard Time   
14:00 ~ (MYT) Malaysia Time   
11:30 ~ (IST) India Standard Time   
13:00 ~ (ICT) Indochina Time   
08:00 ~ (EEST) Eastern European Standard Time   
14:00 ~ (PST) Philippine Standard Time   
08:00 ~ (EET) Eastern European Standard Time   
08:00 ~ (SAST) South Africa Standard Time   
07:00 ~ (CET) Central European Standard Time   
15:00 ~ (KST) Korean Standard Time   
14:00 ~ (CST) Taipei Standard Time
14:00 ~ (CST) China Standard Time   
14:00 ~ (HKT) Hong Kong Standard Time