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X-ray Computed Tomography for Materials & Life Science 5: Plant Science Applications

A number of X-ray CT application examples for plants and seeds will be discussed. Examples in this webinar will include the non-destructive characterization of plant traits for ripening fruit, seeds and root systems. Additionally, analysis of cell wall thicknesses and void distribution among different seed varieties will be presented.

Angela Criswell


About the speaker:

Angela CriswellFull Name:         Angela Criswell
Title:                   X-ray CT Senior Scientist
Organization:    Rigaku Americas Corporation
For over 20 years Angela’s work has been focused on X-ray techniques to study structural biology. Angela has used a number of X-ray techniques including X-ray Crystallography, Small Angle X-ray Scattering, and X-ray Diffraction. Angela is now combining her expertise in Biochemistry and X-ray Computed Tomography. Angela holds a PhD in Biochemistry from Rice University.



About the host:

Tom McNultyFull Name:         Tom McNulty
Title:                   SVP, General Manager
Organization:    Rigaku Americas Corporation
Tom brings more than 40 years of analytical X-ray experience to his current position at Rigaku. Interests include X-ray Crystallography, X-ray Spectroscopy, X-ray Powder and Thin Film Diffraction, and X-ray Computed Tomography. Tom’s position as the GM of the Materials Science group includes the oversight of Rigaku’s current effort to educate scientists about the emerging role of CT in Materials Research. Tom holds an MA in Chemistry from SUNY Buffalo.