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X-Ray Computed Tomography for Materials & Life Sciences 8: Metrology Applications


Basics of metrology analysis and a number of X-ray CT application examples will be discussed. Examples include size and shape measurements of metal and plastic parts, tolerancing evaluation, comparison of nominal (CAD) and actual (CT) or a golden standard and a test subject. We will also introduce available resources to learn more about X-ray CT metrology.

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Aya Takase


About the speaker:

Aya TakaseFull Name:         Aya Takase
Title:                   Director of X-ray Imaging
Organization:    Rigaku Americas Corporation

Aya holds a MA in physics from Tokyo University of Science and has been with Rigaku for 22 years. She started in the X-ray Diffraction Application Lab and transitioned to X-ray Imaging in 2017. Her goal: Help non-expert X-ray users achieve expert results with less time and effort. She has worked on many projects designing automated and user-friendly X-ray instruments and analysis software. She is very passionate about helping people learn more about X-rays and working with X-ray users to solve their specific problems. Want to learn more about her or X-rays? Connect with Aya on LinkedIn.



About the host:

Tom ConcolinoFull Name:         Tom Concolino
Title:                   Southeast Regional Account Manager
Organization:    Rigaku Americas Corporation

Tom holds a PhD in Chemistry from Mississippi State University and has been with Rigaku for 20 years. He started out in the Small Molecule Crystallography Applications Lab before transitioning to the sales team in 2002. He has been on the front lines helping clients save on time, cost, and effort while pushing forward to support the never-ending need to innovate and explore new materials and structures. From academia to mining to pharmaceutical research, Tom has learned the value of bringing a fresh perspective to each customer application while utilizing his vast experience to collaborate on the best fit solution for each and every customer. Want to learn more? Connect with Tom on LinkedIn and strike up a conversation.