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Rigaku Analytical Devices Unveils new Handheld Raman Analyzer; Redefines Handheld 1064 nm Raman for Chemical Threat Identification

The Rigaku ResQ CQL analyzer sets the new standard for 1064 nm handheld Raman in the safety and security sector.

Tokyo, Japan. September 4, 2018 – Rigaku Analytical Devices, the market leader in handheld 1064 nm Raman technology, today announced its next generation 1064 nm handheld Raman analyzer - the Rigaku ResQ CQL. The improved ergonomics, analytical performance and sample presentation of ResQ™ CQL™ makes it even easier to perform chemical analysis of powders, liquids, gels and mixtures – even in non-visible amounts. The ResQ CQL analyzer will be introduced during a press conference Wednesday, September 5, from 1:15pm – 1:45pm at JASIS 2018 being held in Tokyo, Japan in booth #101 in Hall 7A.

Based on the combination of an award-winning platform and proven performance, the ResQ CQL analyzer offers first responders, border protection and law enforcement an advanced method for identifying potential threats in an improved tactical form factor, thus improving functionality particularly in high stress environments. Its standard library contains over 13,000 chemicals - including explosives, chemical warfare agents (CWAs), precursors, hazardous chemicals, narcotics, cutting agents, pesticides, steroids and more - as well as the added capabilities to upgrade, transfer and translate entries. By utilizing the 1064 nm Raman advantage, users are able to reduce sample fluorescence and identify colored substances or scan through colored packaging, allowing the user to identify more.

Additional smart features available include:

  • On-board 5 MP camera for imaging, colorimetrics analysis, or barcode scanning
  • LED flashlight for optimal sample visibility
  • Quick Scan button for faster scans
  • 4C Technology for precursor monitoring
  • QuickDetect automated colorimetric for non-visible detection (optional)
  • Periscope adaptor enhances sampling flexibility
  • Connectivity via WiFi, peer-to-peer or USB
  • Tamper-proof reports
  • Li-PO rechargeable or CR123 disposable batteries

“With the introduction of the handheld ResQ CQL analyzer, users are able to experience the advanced analytical chemical identification of the 1064nm Raman advantage, in a new tactical form factor,” said Bree Allen, President of Rigaku Analytical Devices. “This will provide our defense and security agencies with the tool of choice for a safer response.

As the first to introduce handheld 1064 nm Raman technology, we are very excited to introduce ResQ CQL to the market as part of our continued innovation.”

The ResQ CQL analyzer is supported by Rigaku’s global sales and support distribution team, offering 24//7 Reachback support, library updates and software upgrades for the life of the analyzer.

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