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Petroleum & petrochemicals

Petroleum and petrochemicals

XRF/XRD analysis for both upstream / downstream

Rigaku makes X-ray diffraction and X-ray fluorescence instrumentation for materials characterization and elemental analysis at every stage of the exploration, production and distribution process.

Sulfur and other elements in crude and fuels

Rigaku offers instruments for a variety of measurement protocols — including ASTM D2622, D7220, D4294, IP 532 as well as EN ISO 8754 & 20847. Rigaku NEX XT process analyzer for on-line measurement of sulfur for pipeline, blending and upgrading as well as bunker fuel blending for MARPOL compliance.

Additive packages for lubricating oils

Proper and safe operation of engines and machinery depends to a large degree on formulation of metallic additives. X-ray fluorescence (XRF) is a fast, simple method of analyzing lube oils for metallic composition. The XRF analytical technique is simple enough for use by non-technical operators, yet powerful enough for expert use in the R&D of new lube oil formulations.

Positive Material Identification

Petrochemical, petroleum and power plants have put more stringent positive material identification (PMI) programs in place, to avoid disastrous, even tragic accidents. To ensure safety, it is critical that before any metal component is used in the construction or repair of an industrial plant, that the alloy composition is identified. Further, verifying metal alloy composition is also crucial for components already installed with a plant. The Rigaku KT-100S handheld metal analyzer easily performs analysis of the most difficult alloy grades with the use of laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS).  Recognized by the American Petroleum Institute (API), LIBS is an acceptable technology used in the Recommended Practice 578 (API RP 578), 3rd edition, which provides guidelines for quality assurance in the oil and gas industry.



Rigaku recommends the following systems:


New 6th-generation general purpose benchtop XRD system for phase i.d and phase quantification

Highly versatile multipurpose X-ray diffractometer with built-in intelligent guidance

High-performance, multi-purpose XRD system for applications ranging from R&D to quality control


The following applications are relevant to this industry




X-ray topography (XRT)