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Food and food ingredients

Food and food ingredients

The need for chemical analysis of food and cosmetics has increased in recent years. Increased emphasis in industry, and by government, on safety, efficacy and content labeling are the core drivers. Near line monitoring during the production process also affords long-term cost savings from decreased waste, rework and materials costs. The United States (FDA), European Union and various other regulatory bodies around the world strictly regulate the allowable concentrations of heavy metal contaminants in foodstuffs, drugs and cosmetics. In addition, much commercial food production requires careful monitoring of salt concentrations to ensure correct flavor characteristics. Cosmetics that use metal oxides for sunscreen protection factor (SPF) enhancement must have 100% quality inspection to meet U.S. over-the counter (OTC) pharmaceutical regulations. Packaging must also be monitored for contaminates that may leach into products.

Rigaku recommends the following systems:


New 6th-generation general purpose benchtop XRD system for phase i.d and phase quantification

Advanced state-of-the-art high-resolution XRD system powered by Guidance expert system software


The following applications are relevant to this industry




Total reflection XRF (TXRF)