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  • Total sulfur measurement (0.04% to 6% S)
  • X-ray Transmission / Absorption (XRT / XRA) method
  • For crude, bunker fuel, fuel oils and viscous hydrocarbons
  • Compact design with no routine maintenance
  • Up to 1450 psig and 200°C with custom configurations
  • User adjustable data update frequency
  • Reduced standards requirements
  • No sample condition or recovery system
  • No radioisotopes

X-ray transmission (XRT/XRA) process sulfur gauge

Total sulfur measurement (0.04% to 6% S) in petroleum and crude

Rigaku's NEX XT is the next generation process gauge for high-level total sulfur measurement (0.04% to 6% S) of crude, bunker fuel, fuel oils, and other highly viscous hydrocarbons, including residuums.

On-Line, real-time total sulfur gauge

This versatile, compact and robust X-ray Transmission / Absorption (XRT / XRA) process gauge is specifically optimized for the total sulfur analysis needs of refineries, pipelines, blending operations, bunkering terminals and other storage facilities. Applications for the NEX XT include bunker fuel blending to meet MARPOL Annex VI sulfur restrictions, interface detection of different grade fuels delivered via pipelines, refinery feedstock blending and monitoring, and the quality monitoring of crude at remote collection and storage facilities.

X-ray Transmission / Absorption (XRT / XRA) Method

X-ray Transmission (XRT) gauging has long been an accepted technique for the measurement of total sulfur (S) in heavy hydrocarbon process streams. Whether used for pipeline switching, crude oil blending or to assay or blend marine and bunker fuels, the Rigaku NEX XT XRT process analyzer is well suited to rigorous process environments, with pressures up to 1450 psig and temperature up to 200°C. X-ray transmission gauging involves measuring the attenuation of a monochromatic X-ray beam at a specific energy (21 keV) that is specific to sulfur (S). In practice, a process stream passes through a flowcell where sulfur (S), in the hydrocarbon matrix, absorbs X-rays transmitted between an X-ray source and detector. The recorded X-ray intensity is inversely proportional to the sulfur concentration, thus the highest sulfur levels transmit the least X-rays.

Product name NEX XT
Technique X-ray Transmission / Absorption (XRT / XRA)
Benefit Real time on-line measurement of total sulfur (0.04% to 6% S)
Technology X-ray tube source based XRT/XRA gauge
Core attributes Analyze sulfur (S), 0-43°C, up to 400 L/m; Class 1 Div 1, Class 1 Div 2, ATEX zone 1 (pending), ATEX zone 2
Core options Varies by configuration
Computer Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
Core dimensions Varies by configuration
Mass Varies by configuration
Power requirements 1Ø, 115/230 VAC, 2.8/1.4 A, 47-63 Hz

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