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Computed radiography mobile imaging plate scanner

For on-site X-ray inspection

CR-1012 is an imaging plate (IP) scanner for images exposed by industrial X-ray equipments. Its small size and light weight make it possible to bring the scanner to the inspection site and observe the images on-site.

  • Compact/lightweight — increase efficiency for inspection work
    • Compact and lightweight to bring to inspection site
    • Handy carrying case increases portability
  • Fast and convenient — No special skills required
    • Images can be observed at the inspection site
    • Images can be acquired in as little as 90 seconds (25.2 cm x 30.3 cm imaging plate with 100 μm pitch)
    • Industry standard DICOM image format
      • Images can be processed with software supplied with CR-1012 or with free software available online (Contact Rigaku for the software)
  • Easy to use, reliable — perfect for on-site operation
    • No need to connect to a PC: the system has an on-board control panel
    • Data are saved automatically to USB memory
    • Images are acquired by simply pressing the START button
    • Robust design to prevent from vibration and shock damage
    • Unique IP holder and cassette simplify imaging plate handling
    • Unique readout system prevents damage to IP surface
    • Imaging plates require no dark room, developer or other chemicals, removing the need for waste liquid disposal


Product name CR-1012
Technique Imaging Plate (IP) scanning
Benefit Compact/lightweight - transportable to the inspection site, easy to use, reliable 
Technology Computed radiography
Core attributes Effective readout size (IP size) - 24.4 x 29.5cm (25.2 x 30.3 cm); 19.3 x 24.4cm (20.1 x 25.2 cm); 14.2 x 29.5cm (15.0 x 30.0 cm). Readout time for 25.2cm x 30.3cm IP - 90 sec@100μm, 164 sec@50μm, 312 sec@25μm
Core options Cassette - IP size: 25.2 x 30.3cm (Max); IP holder - IP size: 25.2 x 30.3cm (Max); IP - Various sizes (Max 25.2 x 30.3 cm)
Computer CPU Core2 duo 2.0GHz or faster, Memory - > 2 GB (Windows 7), Windows 7 Professional (32 bit version), Hard drive > 4 GB
Core dimensions 1480 (W) x 390 (H) x 360 (D) mm
Mass 35 kg (core unit)
Power requirements AC 220V ±10%, 0.5 kW