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Film thickness/composition and wafer contamination tools

Rigaku is a pioneer and world leader in designing and manufacturing X-ray based measurement tools to solve semiconductor manufacturing challenges. With over 35 years of global market leadership in the semiconductor industry, our families of products enable everything from in-fab process control metrology to R&D for thin film and materials characterization. Our XRF, XRD and XRR metrology tools measure critical process parameters like thin film: thickness, composition, roughness, density, porosity, and crystal structure. In addition, we offer process TXRF and VPD-TXRF tools for contamination measurement. With global 24/7 service and support, Rigaku delivers cutting-edge solutions for yield enhancement and process development.

The semiconductor industry is the aggregate collection of companies engaged in the design and fabrication of semiconductor devices. It formed around 1960, once the fabrication of semiconductors became a viable business.

Rigaku recommends the following systems:


Advanced state-of-the-art high-resolution XRD system powered by Guidance expert system software