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Rigaku Webinars

Electron Diffraction (MicroED/3DED) Workshop

This workshop is for X-ray crystallographers interested in finding out more about electron diffraction and how to get started. Presentations are intended to introduce the technique and will be a mixture of practical and educational. We will include the basis for the technique, how it differs from X-ray crystallography, and a demonstration of how to operate the XtaLAB Synergy-ED electron diffractometer and how to handle data from it.

Thermal Analysis Technical Seminar: Let’s Evaluate Materials With EGA (STA-MS & STA-FTIR): Principles, Applications & Tips

This webinar is a beginner’s course. The presentation will focus on basic principles of thermomechanical analysis (TMA) and the different modes that are available based on sample shape and measurement objective. During the presentation, we will also highlight applications and show some videos on changing attachments.
Dr. Lani L. Celiz(Rigaku Corporation, Thermal Analysis Division)