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TG-MS analysis for debinding process of ceramics

TA-6009: TG-MS analysis for debinding process of ceramics


The materials requiring the debinding process includes structural electronic ceramics for superhard metal, powder metallurgy, rare earth permanent magnet, and plasma display panel, etc. It is important to know the thermal behavior of the pyrolysates such as the kind and the amount of the species during the debinding process of raw ceramics in order to establish the desirable debinding process that obtains efficiently a good quality material. TG-DTA-PIMS is useful as the simulating analysis to estimate the heating atmosphere control program in a real debinding process from ceramics molding.

Evolved gas analysis products from Rigaku

In TG-FTIR, gases evolved by volatilization or thermal decomposition are qualitatively analyzed, which allows you to track changes in the generated amount along with the temperature change.