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  • Very small beam, less than 100 microns at the crystal, provides superior signal to noise.
  • 3 year warranty on the tube reduces cost of ownership.
  • Integrated optics are optimized for the detector type (HPAD or IP).
  • Integrated Confocal MaxFlux double bounce optic. The double-bounce μCMF optics provide up to 70X better Cu Kβ suppression than single bounce optics, providing a beam with less noise, lower divergence and more intensity, allowing for more accurate data collection on small crystal samples.

Microfocus high-intensity sealed tube X-ray source

X-ray source component for X-ray diffraction and crystallography


The MicroMax-003 is a third generation microfocus sealed tube X-ray generator. It is the perfect X-ray source for someone who wants the benefits of a microfocus X-ray source (low power consumption and long tube life) without the added maintenance that goes along with a more powerful rotating anode microfocus X-ray source. It consists of a tightly coupled microfocus generator and specially designed confocal multilayer optic to provide an extremely low-maintenance system. With performance that exceeds that of the previous generation of 5.4 kW RU rotating anode generators, the MicroMax-003 is the perfect upgrade path for users of these systems.

Engineered for Productivity

Productivity can be measured in many ways but the up-time of a system is perhaps one of the most important issues. The MicroMax-003 will run maintenance free for years, and when you do have to change an X-ray tube, it has been designed to be as easy as a standard sealed tube X-ray source.

Designed for Flexibility

Featuring a built-in multilayer optic, the MicroMax-003 can be integrated into a number of different X-ray systems. This source a great complement for labs that have ready access to synchrotrons as well as limited maintenance resources.

Product name MicroMax-003
Technique Microfocus sealed tube X-ray source
Benefit Low power consumption and long tube life
Technology Microfocus high-intensity sealed tube X-ray source
Core attributes Beam is less than 100 microns at sample
Core options Cu, Mo, Ag, Au, Cr and Rh
Computer N/A
Core dimensions 351 (W) x  471 (H) x 100 (D)
Mass (core unit) -
Power requirements  3Ø, 200 V, 15 A