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High-throughput, high-resolution X-ray topography imaging system: XRTmicron

Winter 2014 Volume 30, No. 1

The XRTmicron is a topography measurement system which can reduce measurement time by one order of magnitude compared to previous systems by using a new high-brilliance microfocus X-ray source, together with an X-ray mirror optical system and high-sensitivity/high-resolution X-ray camera designed for that source. Furthermore, it can automatically perform tasks ranging from sample setting to measurement and crystal defect analysis, and thus is useful not only for R&D but also for quality control. It can also non-destructively detect problems such as dislocations and other crystal defects, threading dislocations to the surface, and defects of the epitaxial layer. By customizing the configuration of the target, optical system, detector, sample stage and loader (automatic transfer unit), the system can be applied to a diverse range of monocrystal materials including Si, SiC, GaN, Ge, GaAs, quartz, LN, LT, sapphire, rutile, and fluorite.


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