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New Application Report from Rigaku Demonstrates the Analysis of Hand Sanitizer Products using 1064 nm Handheld Raman

Rigaku Analytical Devices has published a new application report describing the use of Rigaku handheld 1064 nm Raman analyzers for a variety of applications involved in the manufacture and testing of hand sanitizer.

Wilmington, MA – December 23, 2020 Rigaku Analytical Devices, the pioneer in handheld 1064 nm Raman laser technology, has published a new application report detailing the analysis of hand sanitizers. The latest application note, available from the company’s global website, describes the analysis of hand sanitizer products by Raman spectroscopy and highlights the performance of the Rigaku portfolio of handheld Raman analyzers.

The use of hand sanitizers is becoming part of the everyday norm, and global demand has grown significantly. As hand sanitizers in liquid and gel formulations are being produced by manufacturing companies around the world, there is a global focus on hand sanitizer manufacturing and quality control to ensure that they do not contain hazardous chemicals or fail to provide adequate protection.  In response to increased consumer demand, regulatory agencies have also put processes in place to monitor import/export activity, as well as to directly test suspicious shipments.

The two main active ingredients in most commercially available alcohol-based hand sanitizers are ethyl alcohol (ethanol) and isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol). These chemicals, as well as many potentially dangerous contaminants commonly found in handheld sanitizer formulations, are reactive to Raman spectroscopy.  1064 nm Raman analyzers are also favorable because of their ability to analyze finished products through colored packaging, such as blue and green-tinted plastic or glass, as well as identify the chemicals used during manufacturing.

The new application report, first published in the December edition of The Bridge materials analysis newsletter from Rigaku, contains data from three distinct case studies—examining inadequate active ingredients in hand sanitizers, identification of toxic chemicals, and identification of counterfeit productsand highlights the performance of the Rigaku Progeny and ResQ portfolio of 1064 nm Raman analyzers.

The results demonstrate that Rigaku handheld 1064 nm Raman analyzers are ideally suited to variety of applications involved in the analysis of hand sanitizer.  A copy of this report can be accessed at