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Analysis of ferrosilicon by the fusion method

AppNote XRF1026: analysis of ferrosilicon by the fusion method


Ferrosilicon is one of the most basic materials used in the steel making process. The iron alloys with the content of silicon between 15% and 90% are called "ferrosilicon", and are used in the reduction of the iron, removing oxygen and adding silicon when cast iron or steel alloys are produced. As part of controlling the steel making process, analyses of slag and raw materials such as quicklime are also required. X-ray fluorescence spectrometers are the most common analysis tools to analyze ferroalloy, slag, steel and added materials owing to the rapid analysis and the ability to measure both bulk metal and powders. This application note describes accurate ferrosilicon analysis using ZSX PrimusIII+, which is optimized for process control of steel making and ferrosilicon production.

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