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XtaLAB Synergy-S
  • Fast, accurate data collection due to high-speed kappa goniometer, high-flux X-ray source, fast, low-noise X-ray detector, and highly optimized instrument control software.
  • Enhanced experimental versatility when the dual-source option is selected from three possible wavelengths (Mo, Cu, or Ag).
  • Highest level of user safety with multiply redundant electromechanical safety circuits built into the ergonomically designed radiation enclosure.
  • Minimize your downtime by utilizing built-in online diagnostics and troubleshooting to diagnose and fix almost all problems without a site visit.
  • Automatically solve structures and determine what your sample is in a few seconds before committing to a full dataset by using the “What is this?” feature.
  • Improve your ability to investigate small samples because the solid state pixel array technology of the HyPix X-ray detectors means that X-ray photons are counted instantaneously as they arrive at the detector. There is no conversion to visible light by a scintillator so the energy of the photon can be assessed at moment of detection leading to essentially noise free images. And noise-free images means you can count longer for weakly diffracting crystals without a loss in data quality arising from detector noise.
  • Optimize data collection speed when you select the optional HyPix-Arc 100° or HyPix-Arc 150° curved detectors, which allow theta coverage exceeding the largest detectors while still offering the highest-performing detection technology.
  • Enhance your ability to resolve large unit cells, twins or incommensurate lattices when you select the optional motorized variable beam slit in order to alter divergence to adapt the source to your sample’s requirements.

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Single or dual microfocus X-ray diffractometer for all your crystallography needs

A fast and agile single crystal X-ray diffractometer for small molecule 3D structure analysis

XtaLAB Synergy-S

With your success utmost in our minds, we have developed the XtaLAB Synergy-S X-ray diffractometer for single crystal X-ray diffraction. Using a combination of leading-edge components and user-inspired software tied together through a highly parallelized architecture, the XtaLAB Synergy-S produces fast, accurate data in an intelligent fashion. The system is based around the PhotonJet-S series of microfocus X-ray sources that optionally incorporate continuously variable divergence slits. These third-generation sources have been designed to maximize X-ray photons at the sample by using a combination of new optics, new longer-life tubes and an improved alignment system. PhotonJet-S sources are available in Cu, Mo or Ag wavelengths in either a single or dual source configuration. The XtaLAB Synergy-S single crystal X-ray diffractometer comes with a kappa goniometer that incorporates fast motor speeds and a unique telescopic two-theta arm to provide total flexibility for your diffraction experiment. The system is also equipped with your choice of HPC hybrid photon counting detectors, the HyPix-6000HE or the large theta coverage detectors: HyPix-Arc 100° or HyPix-Arc 150°.

In some settings, there is a desire to share instrument resources across different research groups.  The XtaLAB Synergy-S in a dual-source configuration is the perfect system to be shared between protein crystallographers and chemical crystallographers: a Mo source will give the chemical crystallographers the wavelength necessary to reduce absorption from heavier elements and a Cu source, with optional continuously variable divergence slits, will give the protein crystallographer the functionality necessary to resolve large unit cells.

HyPix Detectors

Rigaku’s own HyPix family of detectors use solid state pixel array technology to enable direct X-ray photon detection and counting. Direct X-ray photon detection means that X-ray photons are counted instantaneously as they arrive at the detector. There is no conversion to visible light by a scintillator so the energy of the photon can be assessed at moment of detection. This leads to essentially noise free images. The HyPix detectors feature a 100 Hz frame rate which allows for data fine slicing even at the fastest goniometer speeds.  The HyPix detectors incorporate dual counters enabling several modes of operation. Rapid alternating counter electronics (RACE) technology enables the 100 Hz zero dead time mode, ensures that no pixel is blind for more than a few nanoseconds during exposure to X-rays. The high dynamic range mode combines the counters to offer a massive 31-bit counter depth. Dual thresholding offers differential modes and selective signal suppression. 


The XtaLAB Synergy-S is defined by its new PhotonJet-S X-ray source.  The PhotonJet-S sources provide almost double the flux for all three target types (Mo, Cu, Ag) compared to the previous generation. For the best data quality, it is important to ensure any source provides highly reproducible flux frame after frame. As tube temperature changes, so does the X-ray flux reaching your sample. Controlling the temperature of our sources using closed-circuit water cooling offers the best solution for both consistent and high performance and reliability in a completely standalone package. 

Beam Conditioning

Where overlapping peaks are a concern, e.g. large unit cells, proteins, twinned or incommensurate, high beam divergence is undesirable. On PhotonJet sources, a software controlled, motorized variable beam slit is available as an option to alter divergence to adapt the source to your sample’s requirements. For those samples where intensity matters most, the slit can be fully opened giving the highest flux. For those where peak sharpness and overlap are factors, the beam can be limited to a divergence anywhere between 1 to 10 mrad.

CrysAlisPro v40

The XtaLAB Synergy-S comes complete with CrysAlisPro, our user-inspired data collection and data processing software for single crystal analysis. Designed around an easy-to-use graphical user interface, CrysAlisPro can be operated under fully automatic, semi-automatic or manual control. CrysAlisPro combines automated crystal screening, the fastest and most accurate strategy software available, concurrent data reduction and automatic small molecule structure solution. Visual feedback is provided for each step with clear, color-coded guidance so that both novices and experts can collect high-quality data in the shortest time possible.

CrysAlisPro can be operated in either a protein or small molecule dedicated workflow.  Popular third-party protein data processing packages can easily process diffraction data if desired.


AutoChem is the ultimate productivity tool for small molecule chemists, offering fast, fully automatic structure solution and refinement during data collection. Developed in collaboration with OlexSys Ltd (Durham University, UK), AutoChem works in conjunction with Olex² where more advanced structure solution and refinement functionality exists. AutoChem is seamlessly integrated within CrysAlisPro and forms an integral part of our ‘What is this?’ feature. The ‘What is this?’ feature gives you structures quickly and ensures you are not wasting time collecting full datasets on known samples or starting materials. It is an alternative pre-experiment option, which is used to plan your full data collections.

Specifications and features
Product name XtaLAB Synergy-S
Core attributes Single or dual microfocus sealed tube X-ray source diffractometer with hybrid pixel array detector and kappa goniometer
Detectors HyPix-6000HE or optionally the large theta coverage detectors HyPix-Arc 100° or HyPix-Arc 150°
X-ray source PhotonJet-S X-ray source with new microfocus sealed tube that incorporates a new mirror design and new alignment hardware. Three target types are available (Mo, Cu, Ag).
Goniometer Fast kappa geometry goniometer that allows data collection scan speeds of up to 10°/sec.
Accessories Oxford Cryostream 800, Oxford Cobra, XtaLAB Synergy FLOW robotic system, XtalCheck-S, High Pressure Kit.
Computer External PC, MS Windows® OS
Core dimensions 1300 (W) x 1875 (H) x 850 (D) mm
Mass  550 kg (core unit)
Power requirements 1Ø, 90-130V 15A or 180-260V 4A

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Options and Accessories

The following accessories are available for this product
HyPix-Arc 150°

The HyPix-Arc 150° is an optional, unique curved Hybrid Photon Counting (HPC) X-ray detector for single crystal diffraction applications.

HyPix-Arc 100°

A curved single crystal X-ray diffraction detector based on direct X-ray detection technology with a higher 2θ range compared to a flat detector.

Oxford Cryostream 800

The 800 Series Cryostream is the most robust, efficient and user-friendly liquid nitrogen based low temperature system available today. Specific features include a superior laminar flow system, meaning virtually zero risk of icing, extremely quiet running and a fast-start system resulting in a cool-down time to 100K of just 20 minutes.

Oxford Cobra

The Oxford Cobra is the non-liquid nitrogen Cryostream. Combining the efficiency of a Cryostream with the advantages of a non-liquid system, the Cobra offers the ultimate solution for both macromolecular and small molecule crystallography.


The XtalCheck-S system includes software that facilitates both visual and diffraction imaging of crystallization experiments. With the XtalCheck-S system, one can easily survey many crystallization experiments by eliminating the need to harvest and cryo-cool samples. Moreover, one can perform serial crystallography experiments, by collecting data from multiple crystals, to achieve complete data sets that can be used for structure solution, as well as perform powder data collection from samples mounted in the crystallization wells.

High Pressure Kit

Accommodating the vast majority of commercially available and custom high pressure cells the high pressure kit creates a sample space with an 8 cm diameter. It’s easy to switch between high pressure and standard mode and with powerful high-pressure software tools to aid with data analysis and processing, high pressure diffraction experiments have never been easier.

*Please check with your local sales person if your DAC is supported

XtaLAB Synergy Flow

Robotic sample changer to provide unattended data acquisition, enhanced productivity and standardized workflow to your research environment.

Intelligent Goniometer Head (IGH)

The smallest detachable motorized goniometer head on the market.

XtaLAB Synergy-S Testimonials

Chemical Analysis Facility, University of Reading

"We’d have no hesitation in recommending the Synergy system. The combination of excellent hardware and software is a powerful one, and our close working relationship with Rigaku gives us confidence that we’ve made a sound choice that will serve us well for the foreseeable future.”

Crystallography Lab at Emory University

"I underestimated the impact a new system would have on the workflow and our ability to analyse multiple samples. It has allowed us to remain competitive, and to be able to provide the necessary service support for research groups in the department.”

Natural History Museum, University of Oslo

"After six months I am impressed with the instrument’s performance, and also the software. Furthermore, in my dealings with Rigaku, I have always been listened to as a customer and have received quick responses, something I have lacked with other companies."

X-ray Diffraction Facility at Cornell University

"My decision was ultimately cemented by doing a demo of the instrument and I would recommend that anyone considering making a purchase do one, either in person or virtually. I absolutely would recommend my new system – the combination of speed, quality and design has transformed the way that we are doing research in the facility."

University of Southern Denmark

"With our new instrument we were able to remove the backlog for data collections through rapid collection of good quality crystals. It has also permitted realistic use of single crystal crystallography as in integral part of undergraduate laboratory classes."

Texas Tech University

"The thing that really stuck out in our minds was the number of Synergy users that had experiences with other instrument companies and how impressed they were with both the instrument and the level of customer service that Rigaku was providing.   ”

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